vrijdag 1 juni 2012

VIDEO GUIDE - PSN Access with Rebug 3.55.2 + 0.7

Finaly PSN ACCES !!!!

Source psx-scene.com

To go along with the recent PSN access enabled by Rebug, PSX-SCENE member TOGxFTW has put together a video guide, and a written tutorial, to help other members get their 3.55 machines running PSN once again using Rebug's Update Package 0.7. If you do not use Rebug CFW, then you can instead apply the 4.11 Version Spoofer 2.2 to your current CFW (certain restrictions apply: No Cobra. No TB v2.6+).

Step 1 - To insure you don't get YLOD, make sure you are on 3.55 OFW; download 3.55 OFW here - PS3UPDAT.PUP
Step 2 - Download CFW http://rebug.me/rebug-3-41-2-rebug-3-55-1/ and CFW Updatehttp://rebug.me/rebug-update-package-0-7-3-55-2/
Step 3 - Drag and drop the .PKG File and in the root of your Flash Drive
Step 4 - rename the REBUG_3.55.2_PS3UPDAT.PUP in the .RAR file to PS3UPDAT.PUP
Step 5 - Make A folder called PS3, in the PS3 Folder, make another called Update and drop the .PUP file in there.
Step 6 - Drag and drop the PS3 Folder into the root of your Flash Drive
Step 7 - Safely eject your USB Drive and Plug it into your PS3 
Step 8 - Update your PS3 to Rebug CFW 3.55.2 by navigating to Setting/Update/Updating via Storage on your PS3, click X when it says install
Step 9 - Once Install finishes, navigate to Game/Package Manager/Install Package Files/Standard Package Location on the XMB and Install the .PKG
Step 10 - Open up the Rebug Update Package 0.7 under game and Press Enter (X) when prompted
Step 11 - Your PS3 will appear frozen for about 5 seconds. Press (O) when prompted to exit the program.
Step 12 - Navigate to Package Manager/Install Package Files/PS3 Hard Disk and install Rebug Selector 1.6 .PKG
Step 13 - Open up the CexDex Program under game, when it displays GUI, on your controller press L1 + O to go into Rebug mode, confirm this by looking and the setting at top of GUI
Step 14 - Exit the program via PS Button and Sign In!
NOTE: if you get an error signing in, setup your network settings again and try signing back in ^_^

woensdag 17 november 2010

Black ops 1.03 patch fix :)


This is the new fix that works like the other ones.

Delete your update from your ps3 menu 

Download the new fix here BLES0103 
and overwrite all your files :) the ones in the gamez folder not the game 1  ( you need to have the previus fix to work )

megaupload mirror download , old
multiupload download .old

UPDATE! Here is are the new files now you dont need to use the v.102 patch first. This patch can also be instald on a fresh install Download

This is a copy from Jay jays post on psx-scene.com

Here are the Steps.

  1. Since I had already installed successfully the game [BLES01031] using the original tutorial posted on page 1 of this thread, I then proceeded in deleting the Retail 1.02 Game Update [EP0002-BLES01031_00-CODBLOPSPATCH001-A0102-V0100-PE.pkg]--So those barely getting started with this process and have not yet installed the PKG then you are good, please SKIP to Step 2 below. -- I had to, because like I said before, I had already installed the PKG file following the first tutorial on page one.
    • If you had installed it, here is how you uninstall the Retail Game Update: Simply go to your XMB Game menu, go to the very top to find the icon: Game Data Utility and select Call-Duty Black OPS and delete it.
  2. Extract files from BLES01031-new.rar --
  3. Overwrite all the files onto the folder you have your game [GAMEZ\BLES01031] in your PS3 HDD (internal or external). The rar will be in the exact folder directory order, so you really don't need to guess where they all go. It's important for you to understand that all you need to do is just find the files that are named the same as the patch files and replace them. How difficult is that? Search, Replace, next file. (If you use FTP then this procedure is an easy step (see below). For those that do it another way, you will have to do it by Search, Replace, Next File. -- Someone asked if they are suppose to delete all the other files that don't need replacing in the original game. Answer is "NO! Those files need to stay there!"

  4. Then put an original game disc in the drive, load your backup Manager, choose the game, and then load the game--like you are used to. -- Gaia Manager might tell you that the EBOOT.BIN file is not found, and it will prompt you to fix this issue. Allow it to fix the issue--this is normal and this is why Gaia is now a very popular manager. -- And I again I repeat YOU NEED TO INSERT AN ORIGINAL GAME DISC IN THE DRIVE TO PLAY COD.

vrijdag 12 november 2010

Black ops multiplayer op psn

Zoals sommige mensen is opgevallen kan je black ops finden op usenet servers.

Er zwerft een pal versie op usenet van protectionkillers die op ftd staat die release werkt niet goed. En is ingewikkeld. Als je hem hebt gedownload kan je het nog gebruiken om het naar je ps3 door te sturen gebruik de ps3ftpmanager 1.2 dat je gelijk kan downloaden vanuit je ps3 http://store.brewology.com/ wel opslaan naar een usb stick die is geplugged in je ps3 usb poort. En als je het van de ftp server gebruik maakt doe het niet draadloos maar via de kabel anders ben je uuuuuuren bezig.

Maak de updates folder van de release niet over naar je ps3 folder!! en het  metadata_db_hdd moet je gelijk deleten! als het overmaakt naar je playstation 3 moet je  je ps3 formateren!!

Hier volgt het tutorial van psx-scene.

Als je de update .pkg file of de retail update hebt geinstaleert verwijder het eerst in je playstaion menu niet via de ftp server.

Stap 2

Kies je versie:

Download voor de BLES01031 download ( ftd pal release van protectionkillers )
Download voor de BLUS30591 download
Download voor de BLES01032 download

Stap 3

Zet de bestanden die hebt uitgepakt over naar je ps3 via ftp.

LETOP! niet de bl***** in je game folder maar moet de folder zijn die in een LAUN12345 zit of in de Gamez folder.


Overwrite alle bestanden en je bent klaaar!

source psx-scene

Brewology Store Tutorial

Met brewology kan je nu .pkg files downloaden direct vanuit je ps3 browser ALS JE IETS DOWNLOAD SAVE HET WEL FF NAAR JE MEMMORY STICK DAT JE IN JE PS3 HEBT ANDERS WERKT HET NIET!

typ http://store.brewology.com/ in je ps3 browser

Black ops! online spelen met gejailbreekte ps3

Speel Blackops online met je gejailbreakte ps3 met de nieuwe payload's

PSGroove Hermes PSN - v4b-PSN+mathfix4allOpenKubus.rar

En deze zijn voor iphone en anroid telefoons:
Andriod telefoon's gebruiken psfMod http://psfmod.klutsh.com/ nieuwe versie kan je payload's gewoon van je sdkaart laden.
Iphone en ipod's werken met  Zaxtron Front End waar voor je idriod nodig hebt http://www.idroidproject.org/wiki/Bootlace

Payload's zijn te gebruiken voor iphone/ipod en android toestellen:
Default PL3 w/ PSN support & mathieulh's fix (compiled 11/10/2010) for 3.41 and 3.15 Download
PL3 w/PSN+3.50 spoofing, includes default, dev, and nounauth versions (compiled 11/12/2010 by prairie:Download

deze info komt van psx-scene.com en ps3freedom wiki

Ik ga hier tutorials posten voor gejailbreakte ps3's

Ik ben maar gaan googlen en ben geen goede tutorials tegen gekomen of ze zijn onduidelijk omdat er 100den verschillende tutorials rond zweven. Ik heb er een paar getest en meest simpelen ga ik posten.